More Counting Ideas

“There is more to learning to count than knowing your numbers and being able to say them in order. 
Children can learn to say 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 from memory without ever needing to know what these words mean.” – Dr Amanda Gummer

Good article on the Fundamentally Children website offering ideas for counting activities.
Why not look around the site for toy, app and play ideas as well!



Number fun

Number 3 with play dough
Using Play Dough

Children can have great fun making pictures of numbers.

Draw them in sand, or using a paint programme on tablet.
Make  a collage, or just arrange some sticks or shells.
Get the paints out, or use play dough.

Why not also ask your child to trace over the shape with their finger, always starting from the top.

Have fun, and why not post the results here…


Top Tips for Counting

Young children learn by repetition. For us this may seem boring, but for them it brings security and structure in an uncharted world. So every opportunity to count things from an early age is important.

Share What You’ve Been Counting

More Counting Ideas So what have you been counting recently. Go to our Clever Counting page, upload an image and share your counting with the rest of us.

Count out loud, sort things, read counting books and sing songs!

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